Exile gym Weights area

Comprising of a mix of TRX racks, Power Cages, Olympic benches, and other free weights. Our customers get the best of both worlds, to train their bodies ready for combat in the MMA section and forge them with iron to make them strong in our weights area.

Kids MMA (ages 5-12)

This class is specifically aimed at young children aged 5-12 years in order to give them a good foundation of discipline and social interaction. Kids MMA teaches your child the basics of a variety of Martial Arts at a pace that suits your child while teaching them something new every class.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jui Jitsu (BJJ) traces its roots back to victorian times in 1882. A fusion of Judo and Japanese Ju Jitsu. The original founders were Japanese Judokai Maeda and the Gracie Brothers of Brazil.

6 week beginners course in MMA

Exile Gym 6 week MMA beginners course aims to take the intimidation aspect out, and replace it with an easy to learn skills that will start you on the right path to training for fitness, fun or competition.

Female Fitness Boxing

Join our Female only fitness boxing class at Exile gym, a great way to keep fit and learn Boxing skills in a female friendly workout!

Most importantly, No men…Females only!

Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is a martial art that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, sex or ability. The techniques used exploit the use of balance and specific pressure points (vital points) of the body.