Fusion Foot Steppers Dance School

Bringing a new generation of dance to our community.
Fusion Foot Steppers are providing classes in all styles of dance
in the Southampton area.

Kelly’s Perfect Lashes

Kelly’s Perfect lashes is located inside the gym in one of our luxurious treatment rooms. KPL offers eyelash extensions, nail extensions and a range of other beauty treatments on site at great prices. check out what Kelly and her staff have to offer.

M&K Pole Fitness

We provide classes for all ages and abilities. Whatever your body shape, young or in the prime of your life and whatever your fitness goals. We at M&K plan to help match you to one of specifically deisgned courses to suit your needs. Most importantly…come and join the fun!


Capoeira is a unique sport and martial art where each individual can use it to their aims and interests in life; as a fitness class Capoeira burns more than 900 calories an hour and you will be too busy enjoying the class to notice the hard work.

Regents Amatuer Boxing Club (A.B.A)

Round 1 ABC offer you the chance to train and improve your boxing skills. From complete beginner looking for technical fundementals, through to competing amatuer.

Active Crowd Kettlebells

Originally used in the Soviet Union by the military as a cheaper alternative to huge and expensive gyms. Kettle bells provide the easiest way to massive gains in strength and to make your body solid and durable.