PUMA Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a Martial Arts school which is part of PUMA. Teaching kickboxing techniques,pad drills,sparring,self defence and much more each week – following the modern art of kickboxing and similar styles to other martial arts such as TaeKwondo and Karate.

Teens MMA (12-16 years)

Here at Exile Gym, we believe that MMA should be taught as young as possible to nurture talent from a young age. MMA creates a great sense of community amongst its students as well as physical and mental discipline.

Active Crowd Kettlebells

Originally used in the Soviet Union by the military as a cheaper alternative to huge and expensive gyms. Kettle bells provide the easiest way to massive gains in strength and to make your body solid and durable.

Yi Xin Wushu Kung Fu

With acrobatic jumps, jumping kicks and very beautiful forms that packs more than a punch when used as a defensive and offensive art.

Argentine Tango

Tango dance is essentially walking with a partner and the music. Dancing appropriately to the emotion and speed of a tango is extremely important to dancing tango. A good dancer is one who transmits a feeling of the music to the partner, leading them effectively throughout the dance.

Tiny Thai

Tiny Thai is a class for children between the ages of 5 and 11. Muay Thai is the ancient and national sport of Thailand. Sometimes compared to western Kickboxing, Muay Thai is a more full and dynamic art, utilising every part of the body as a means to attack as well as defend.