Exile Gym Unlimited MMA Membership

From £40.00 per month with no contracts and no joining fees.
Exile Gym offers some of the top coaching in the UK, with specialized coaches in each discipline with an impressive track record in the chosen field. Why look anywhere else?

Yi Xin Wushu Kung Fu

With acrobatic jumps, jumping kicks and very beautiful forms that packs more than a punch when used as a defensive and offensive art.

Teens MMA (13-17 years)

Here at Exile Gym, we believe that MMA should be taught as young as possible to nurture talent from a young age. MMA creates a great sense of community amongst its students as well as physical and mental discipline.

Female Fitness Boxing

Join our Female only fitness boxing class at Exile gym, a great way to keep fit and learn Boxing skills in a female friendly workout!

Most importantly, No men…Females only!

Ladies Fitness Bootcamp

Basing the principals of the class on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), We look to have a work to rest ratio of 2:1, this ensures your body is in a permanent state of shock and burning those all important calories and fat cells!

No Fear Academy – Kettlebells

So the NFA Kettlebell classes are up to full steam. To my great satisfaction, the students are progressing and loving the workouts. I am excited with the progress and loving to see that my motivation towards them is paying off. [...]